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    • 12 Mar 2020
    • 17:30 - 21:00
    • Lilian Bayliss Studio, Sadler's Wells 183 Rosebery Ave, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 4TJ

    This year's Fraud Women's Network Annual Event is on the topic of internal fraud: "Are our Employees our Biggest Threat?" The last time we covered this topic was 7 years ago, have the landscape and enablers changed?

    We will be debating the topic with our panel of experts from the banking industry, law enforcement and retail industry.


    Tony Blake, Head of Fraud Prevention for the Dedicated Card & Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU)Tony works for UK Finance, seconded to the DCPCU as Head of Fraud Prevention. Prior to this appointment he was a serving Police Officer with the Metropolitan Police, retiring after 30 years’ service. He was a career detective, ending his career as an operational Detective Sergeant on the DCPCU. He works closely with industry members, businesses, retailers, community groups and law enforcement providing education and awareness about the current trends within payment fraud and cyber enabled crime. His key objectives are changing customer behaviour and preventing individuals from engaging in payment crime. Tony also represents both DCPCU and UK Finance as a spokesperson in the media discussing fraud related matters.

    Nicki Clayton, Investigation Manager, BT: Having spent over 16 years in Law Enforcement as a Detective specialising in child protection and sexual exploitation, Nicki went on to create the first North West Online Covert Investigations Department and trained others in the field.  Nicki successfully campaigned and presented at the Home Office for law changes around this subject. Nicki then went on to specialise in long term infiltration covert policing, working on many successful operations across the UK, Europe, Asia and Africa. She also trained Law Enforcement from the UK, Europe, The Security Services and the FBI in this tactic. After leaving Law Enforcement Nicki worked on a Government Artificial Intelligence programme as an SME in order to change the way Law Enforcement identify and investigate sexual offences against children. In 2018 Nicki joined BT as an Investigation Manager specialising in Retail Fraud, Acquisitive Crime and Insider Threats to the BT Group.  Nicki is now also working on internal projects around insider threats, behaviours and wider intelligence gathering. 

    Tracey Carpenter, Member Relationship Manager, Cifas: Tracey is a Member Relationship Manager at Cifas and has worked in fraud prevention for many years. Tracey’s passion is internal fraud, and she spends a large amount of her time working with internal fraud investigators and HR and Onboarding teams to raise awareness of the risks of employment application fraud. Tracey works closely with organisations and their internal fraud teams to collaboratively fight internal fraud, as well as with Cifas members to make sure they are reporting instances of internal fraud and support them with implementing a zero tolerance policy on fraud within their organisation.

    Larry Potter, Chief Risk Officer, Starling BankAs Chief Risk Officer, Larry leads the development and implementation of our risk management approach. This includes designing our Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud frameworks and providing Risk support to all parts of the Starling customer journey. Before joining Starling, Larry spent 18 years working across financial services with roles at KPMG, Direct Line Group and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) which has since been split into the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA). The key attraction of Starling for Larry was the opportunity to work in organisation with the clear aim of improving the financial lives of its customers through great technology and a strong risk culture.

    Toni Sless, Chair and Founder of the Fraud Women's Network and Fraud Risk Management ConsultantToni is a Fraud Risk Management Consultant who provides strategic and advisory services to FTSE 100 organisations relating to all aspects of fraud prevention and fraud risk management.  Toni is also the founder and Chairwoman of the Fraud Women’s Network, which celebrates its 13th Anniversary in 2020 and was listed as one of the Awesome 100 Networks and shortlisted as Inter-Sector Network of the Year by Inclusive Networks.  Toni also sits on the Editorial Board of the Public Sector Counter Fraud Journal providing guidance and oversight to the Cabinet Office’s Centre of Expertise for Counter Fraud. In her spare time, Toni mentors many women in various disciplines including cyber security and fraud prevention and continues to drive the Fraud Women’s Network to support women working in the arena. Toni also works with her local community promoting local interests, improving housing conditions, amenities, security and the environment.

    17:30hrs to 18:30hrs - Registration and Networking Reception
    18:30hrs to 19:45hrs - Panel Discussion with Q&A
    19:45hrs to 21:00hrs - Networking Reception

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