Imposter Syndrome: Taming our Inner Critic

  • Tuesday, January 19, 2021
  • 12:30 - 13:30

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We are delighted to invite you to our kick start event of 2021 with Cornelia Raubal who will be speaking to us about Imposter Syndrome: Taming our Inner Critic.

Cornelia spent almost 20 years in the male dominated steel industry and prior to starting her business was CEO of a company with an annual turnover of US$250 million.  This time provided the foundation of the work Cornelia currently undertakes with high achieving individuals and organisations.  Using NLP and Timeline Therapy techniques Cornelia helps clients overcome imposter syndrome, learn to communicate effectively or conquer the perfectionism that can hold us back.  Cornelia also helps organisations build high performing teams.

More than 70% of people experience Imposter Syndrome at some point in their career.  Whilst it is not exclusive to women, it does affect over two thirds of women.  For some people, Imposter Syndrome can be completely debilitating and lead to anxiety, stress and burn out. 

If your inner critic frequently tells you:

“You don’t know what you are doing!”

“You’re a failure!”

Or you feel you need to work harder than everyone else or you have stopped yourself speaking in a meeting, applying for a job or going for a promotion, then chances are you have experienced Imposter Syndrome.

This talk will cover:

  • What is Imposter Syndrome?
  • Recognise when Imposter Syndrome shows up
  • Practical Strategies to tame our inner critic
  • How can managers bring positive change?

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