The Stella Walsh Award
Excellence in the fight against fraud
Terms and Conditions of Award

In March 2008 The Fraud Women's Network announced that there would be an annual award dedicated to Stella Walsh who was a key founding member of the Fraud Women's Network which started life in early 2004.

Stella was a dedicated professional within the fraud arena at a time when there were few women prepared to enter what had traditionally been regarded as a strongly male environment. Throughout her career working in fraud she set new standards for her peers. Her strength of character and determination to ensure that the best result was always achieved through her dedication and meticulous attention to detail was well known. Her approach to fraud could be described as persistent and determined, and was always accompanied by a strong sense of humour which stayed with her until her premature death from cancer at the age of 40.

As a mark of respect for Stella Walsh, the Fraud Women's Network (FWN) launched the award at our annual event on the 6th March 2008.

The winners of the Stella Walsh Award in 2012 are:
Pat Turner - Fraud Manager, Virgin Media and also aDirector of the Telecommunication United Kingdom Fraud Forum(TUFF) in the category of long term commitment to preventing fraud.
Jenny Playford - DC, City of London Police in the category of outstanding fraud investigation.

The Fraud Women's Network is now asking their members to nominate either a fellow member or someone within the industry who has achieved any of the following:
  • an outstanding fraud investigation
  • innovative product development
  • bravery through fraud related work
  • long term commitment to preventing fraud (a life time achievement)
The reasons for nomination may include, but not necessarily be limited to the above four categories. Recommendations should be submitted to the FWN with a written justification of between 500 and 1,000 words. All nominations will be reviewed by a sub-committee consisting of two Steering Committee Members of the FWN and a representative of the sponsor of the Award (if any) before the final review and endorsement. The permission of the Nominee mustbe obtained prior to any submissions. | Fraud Women's Network, PO Box 60454, London E8 9DA | +44 (0)7534 494 779 | Terms of use  | Privacy Policy | Twitter
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